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Where can you get daily advice from Shamba Shape Up on how to improve your farm? If you can’t watch TV on the weekend, how can you access Shamba Shape Up’s great advice on turning your farm into a successful business?

Listen to Shamba Shape Up every weekday at 9.30pm on Citizen Radio!

Broadcast in Swahili in Kenya, Shamba Shape Up’s radio program visits a family each week, helping them to shape up their shamba and get more crops, milk, meat and eggs for the family.

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Radio Citizen has the highest national reach in Kenya, reaching nearly 9 million people each week, far more than any other radio station in the country.

Listeners can send in SMS to our short code, 30606, for more information, just as viewers of the TV show can.

All the episodes will be available online after broadcast, and can be listened to right here.

Latest Epsiode

Shamba Shape Up Radio - Amaranth, Money Maker Pump, Chicken

This week we are in Juja Farm area at Steven’s shamba. The area experiences dry climate and Steven needs some help in his farming. We take him to the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture to show him how to properly grow Amaranth by using the correct variety of seeds and farming methods. We also introduce the Money Maker Pump to him so that he can effectively irrigate his shamba.

Episode 28, Part 1

Episode 28, Part 2

Episode 28, Part 3

Episode 28, Part 4

Episode 28, Part 5

Previous Epsiodes

We are in south Kinangop at Joseph and Lucy’s Shamba. We have a look at their cabbages with an expert from SINGENTA who shows them how to treat pests and diseases and he introduces them to a new type of disease resistant seed variety. We also improve his cow shed and build them gutters to help them harvest water.

We are in Kangaru, Embu County at James and Lucy’s Shamba. Their Bee hives need some shaping up so we bring them an expert from ISIPE to help. We also help them with improving their Chicken housing, Coffee plantation and curbing soil erosion on their Shamba by planting fruit trees on their sloping land.

We are in Runyenjes, Embu County at Alex and Irene’s Shamba. Irene wants to start rearing broiler chicken so we bring her an expert from Kenchic to show her how it is done. We have an epert from ISIPE help them with the pest and disease problems affecting their mangoes and introduce them to the Money Maker water pump.

We have visited many farms in Kenya and many farmers are experiencing problems due to irregular and changing climate patterns. In this weeks episode we have a look at how climate smart agriculture is helping farmers increase their yields.

We are in Sigulu, Mbita near Lake Victoria at Lawrence and Rose’s Farm. We educate them on the benefits of water harvesting, push pull technology for planting maize, make some kitchen improvements for Rose and also look at improving their dairy goats.

We are back in Rongai, Nakuru at John and Miriam’s farm. We had received an email from their daughter who was worried about her parents after she moved to the city. Last time we saw them we had advised them to reduce the number of cows they owned in order to have a manageable number that produces more milk. In this episode, we go back to hear about how they are getting on.

We are in Makueni, Machakos at Joseph and Angela’s Farm. Makueni is a region that experiences dry climate and we learn about research being done to help farmers prepare for the dry season by weather forecasting, using drought resistant crops and the right seeds for the amount of rainfall expected. We also get a water harvesting expert to help them build terraces and harvest water on their farm.

We are in Maseno, Kisumu at Robert and Mary’s Farm. We have a look at her cow shed and advise her on how to improve it in order to also increase her milk production. We also test her soil to see what is required to increase her vegetable garden harvest and have a look at how the push-pull method of planting maize is working for her.

We are in Rongai, Nakuru on John and Miriam’s farm. We bring experts to help them with the low milk production of his dairy cow, do a soil test to see what is affecting his maize crop and inform them about how to get a livestock loans and the importance of livestock insurance.

We are at George and Agnes’ Farm in Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria. We help them with problems in their maize plantation by teaching them the push-pull method to control pests. We also have a look at ways of improving their chicken flock.

This week we are in Mwea, KIrinyaga County at Evans and Agnes’ farm. We look at the problems he faces when farming rice and give him solutions to getting a better harvest by using the System Of Rice Intensification method (SRI). We also introduce him to the energy saving jiko and the Kenbro chicken.

We are in Kazueni, Makueni at Bernard’s farm. We see the pests and diseases affecting goats and cows, the importance of joining farmer groups in order to increase profits, growing sorghum and how to cope with climate change.

We visit Lydia at her shamba in Kabatini, Nakuru. We show her how to preserve her vegetables like chillies by drying and storing them till she can get a good market price. We also learn more about how better to manage her dairy cows and the advantages of using certified seeds.

We visit Jairus’ shamba in Maseno, Kisumu. We helped him with his chickens to make sure they make him more money, how to keep healthier cattle and making kitchen improvements to make life easier for him.

This week we are back at Christine’s shamba in Kakamega. We learn about proper feed for a calf and dairy cow, how to spot fake chemicals, making compost manure, soil management and financial education.

This week we re-visit George and Lucy’s shamba in Ndeiya, Limuru. Learn more about how to treat pests and diseases in chicken, use of Viazi Power to increase potato yield and making kitchen improvements.

In this week’s episode come from Christine’s farm in Kakamega, we learn about growing tomatoes, keeping dairy cattle, water harvesting, intercropping, using an energy saving jikos and kitchen improvements for an easier and healthier lifestyle.

This weeks episode comes from Arthur’s farm in Kakamega. We learn about crop diversification, the energy saving jiko, fruits, poultry, irrigation and kitchen improvements – all of which can help Arthur become a better farmer.

This weeks episode comes from John and Jane’s shamba in Banana, Limuru. We cover tissue culture bananas, keeping poultry, water harvesting, dairy cattle and making silage for better cow health which produce more milk for sale and use in the home.

This week’s episode comes from Vincent’s farm in Kakamega. We learn about growing healthy vegetables, soil health, bee keeping and how to manage finances for a successful business.

This weeks episode comes from Merciana’s farm in Kakamega. We learn about growing tomatoes in greenhouses, why doing a soil test is important, how to control pests and diseases in your fruit, safe use of agrochemicals, how to stop post-harvest loss in your maize storage and solar power.

We meet farmers George and Rose from Ndeiya to learn more about growing tomatoes, keeping healthy chickens, keeping cows for milk, how to use small fertiliser packs, why using compost is good for the shamba, and how using a solar light is better for your health.

We meet Regina on her shamba in Muthiga this week to learn more about the importance of having healthy soil for growing strong plants, how to grow a vegetables, using an energy efficient jiko and how solar light is better for your health.

We meet Arthur in Kakamega to learn more about the importance of soil testing and pest and disease in fruit trees. We also learn about how to use chemicals safely and why it is so important.

We meet Jeremiah from Undiri, Kikuyu, where we learn more about growing tomatoes for commercial sale, keeping chickens for profit and keeping healthy cows that produce good quality milk.

We meet Veronica and Joseph on their farm in Machakos to learn more about the importance of diversifying your crops, keeping chickens for profits and irrigating your fields well to stop erosion of soil, while also making sure all your crops get water.

In this episode, we go to meeting George and Lucy from Ndeiya to learn more about soil testing for better crops, storing grain better to stop post harvest losses and keeping cows for dairy farming.

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