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Get practical advice on improving your farm and increasing your yields from East Africa's favourite farming show!

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When you think of farming television, think no further than Shamba Shape Up. As the first of it’s kind in Africa, it is a “make-over” style reality show that meets the informational needs of farmers and entertains them at the same time.



We have an interactive SMS system which encourages viewers to text their names and addresses to a short code to get a leaflet on the topics covered in the show. The best part? It's free!



Need to talk to a crop or animal expert at the touch of a button? Our call centre and mobile information service, iShamba, provides farmers with instant help to improve their farms and get better yields. 

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Budget Mkononi

Imagine an online budgeting tool that can estimate how much your agribusiness will cost and how much profit you will make. With Budget Mkononi, farmers can build personalised budgets on a range of commodities at the click of a button.

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Welcome to Shamba Shape Up

Welcome to the 14th Year of Shamba Shape Up!

We have travelled all over East Africa to find hard working farmers. We want to celebrate them while giving them the knowledge they need. So they can adapt, and make their farms more productive, even while the climate changes.

We want to support them to get better yields and turn their farms into successful businesses. We meet families and enter their kitchens to explore how to cook in cleaner, faster, cheaper ways. We will see how farmers from across the region can benefit from our expert’s advice. While also learning from each other, in so many ways.

Join us on these journeys and share in the farmers experiences as they shape up their shambas. On the Shamba Shape Up safari.

Shamba Shape Up is a Mediae Company Production. 

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What sets us apart


We Educate

We provide practical demonstrations on improved farming practices and approaches covering a range of topics. From livestock health and agronomy to climate change adaptation.


We Entertain

Watch the engaging episodes and follow our charming presenters on the Shamba Shape Up safari where they bring in experts to advise the eager-to-learn farmers.


We Elevate

We're taking farming to new heights by mobilizing the potential of farmers to improve their productivity and enhance their social and economic livelihoods.

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Why we do it

Grow agricultural productivity in the region
Enrich the lives of millions of farmers
Enrich the lives of millions of farmers
Cultivate best farming practices

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What our farmers say

Farmer Rebecca

Farmer Rebecca

"I have learnt so much! The problems that I had  with my tomatoes are now solved. I will not get a loss from now on."

Farmer Timothy

Farmer Timothy

"I am now better in calf rearing and a better farmer. By next year I should be producing double the amount of milk, which is encouraging."

Farmer Purity

Farmer Purity

"You have assisted me to upgrade my living so I’m very happy for that.  I'm not just someone. I’ll be somebody from now on!"