What we are all about

We shape sustainable development, one shamba at a time

By feeding timely, tested and effective agricultural information to farmers through an entertaining approach, Shamba Shape Up is forging a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans. 

Small changes make big differences

Learnt something new from watching the show.

Made a change in practice as a result of watching the show.

Reported an increase in income as a result of making a change.

Find the show the most useful source of agricultural information.

Making of

Pioneering television

Shamba Shape Up began airing in 2012, and is Kenya's first agricultural makeover show. Through our one-of-a-kind formula, we have risen to become a household name. Numerous copy-cat programs have since sprung up.


Field work is carried out each year to determine what the audience is interested in learning about, what they have learnt from the show and what practices they have adopted. This forms the basis of the content for each series. 

Audience centred

It is not a top-down documentary or purely instructional program. By visiting farmers in their own environments and addressing their issues and problems, we give them a feeling of inclusion.

Collaborative effort

We are entirely funded by an array of private and development sector partners as well as input suppliers. These vital relationships allow us to get practical agricultural content out to farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


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