Who we are


Shamba Shape Up is produced by The Mediae Company, an organisation dedicated to addressing the informational needs of East Africans through sustainable media productions that are entertaining, educative and help improve livelihoods.

Other Mediae shows include the popular soap drama Makutano Junction, the children’s educational series Know Zone, and more recently, Don’t Lose the Plot, which aims to encourage youth into agribusiness.

As Mediae’s flagship program, Shamba Shape Up has been airing for the past 5 years and is aimed at the region’s rapidly growing rural audience. We cover farms in a range of ecological zones and tackle issues surrounding livestock, poultry, crops, soil fertility and the home, using experts from each sector.

Following the hugely successful first three series, numerous copy-cat shows have sprung up on nearly every major television network in Kenya . However, the significant difference is that these are entertainment focused, not research based.This research element ensures that we consistently serve and sustain large, diverse audiences and deliver high quality, entertaining and relevant media productions.

Leadership Team

David Campbell, OBE Executive producer
Patricia Gichinga Head of Productions patricia@mediae.org
Sophie Rottmann Series producer sophie@mediae.org