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📅  Sept. 23, 2022
BBC Action Insight Policy Note: How media can help support adaptive behaviours

Climate change is forcing millions of people in low- and middle-income countries to migrate for survival and adapt their livelihoods …

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📅  July 19, 2022
Shamba Shape Up: the farm make-over show

Millions of farmers in low-resource settings could benefit from information about farming techniques that will help them improve yields, make …

📅  Aug. 25, 2017
Harnessing the Power of Media to Reduce Post Harvest Losses

If one were to travel through the vast lush lands of Uganda and come across Kongoidi village, nestled between Bukedea …

SSU crew
📅  Oct. 3, 2016
#IamAg! Meet Judy, Production Manager at Shamba Shape Up

Ever since I was a young girl, I always dreamed of being on television. That was considered the most prestigious …

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📅  Feb. 4, 2016
Telling Africa’s Agriculture Stories Through Radio, TV, Film

Showcasing African farming through TV, radio, and film can help engage the public in conversations about agriculture, food justice, and …

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📅  June 3, 2015
Shamba Shape Up and the Use of Social Media

Shamba Shape Up is a reality style TV show designed to educate East Africa’s rapidly growing rural audience. The make …

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📅  April 24, 2015
Opinion: To Solve Hunger, Start with Soil

Peter looked confused as he recounted how he’d painstakingly planted potatoes to sell and to feed his family of eight, …

📅  Jan. 8, 2015
Rockefeller Funds African Reality Makeover Show: It’s Not What You Think

The Rockefeller Foundation is always on the lookout for innovative ways to bolster global food security. One issue the foundation …

📅  Aug. 1, 2014
Taking reality TV to the farm

Leave it to those crafty Kenyans to create a hit agricultural reality television show. “Shamba Shape Up” is a farm …

Article image 7
📅  July 1, 2014
Shamba is Shaping Up, and Making Over, East African Farms

Shamba Shape Up (Shamba) is a television series in Kenya helping small-scale farmers give their farms a make over. It …

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📅  May 5, 2014
Popular TV Show ‘Shamba Shape Up’ Gives Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Full Exposure

The sweetpotato is well known within these areas, however it is often the white-fleshed variety that has the overall popularity; …

Article image 8
📅  March 28, 2014
Kenya’s TV show Shamba Shape Up features ‘Healthy Groundnuts’

To raise awareness on aflatoxin contamination among groundnut farmers, ICRISAT’s Dr Samuel MC Njoroge, Scientist (Legume/Cereal Pathology), went on Kenya’s …

📅  Dec. 26, 2013
'Extreme Makeover' with chicken coops and compost: Welcome to Kenyan reality TV

In the US, reality TV is replete with spoiled teenagers, extreme eating challenges, and arguing roommates. Here in Kenya, though, …

📅  Nov. 7, 2013
CIP sweetpotato projects to star in Shamba Shape Up: East Africa’s very own Complete Farm Makeover television series

The International Potato Center (CIP) and its sweetpotato initiatives will play a lead role in one of East Africa’s most …

Article image 5
📅  June 12, 2013
Kenyan farmers use climate 'entertainment' for empowerment

One important question for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is how to reach …

Article image 6
📅  May 24, 2013
Agricultural reality show helps farmers talk to scientists

“Our model is and edutainment model. Entertain, meet information needs … build big audiences.” And big audiences can drive sustainability. …

📅  Oct. 26, 2012
Reality TV Show Helps Farmers Improve Livelihoods

Inspired by the popularity of American and British home makeover shows, a television producer in Kenya has created a farming …

Article image 3
📅  July 11, 2012
TV Makeover Show Shapes up East African Agricultural Economies

Edutainment company Mediae's latest recipe to revive rural livelihoods in Kenya mixes agricultural education and reality TV, with a pinch …

Article image 4
📅  May 15, 2012
Kenyan TV show ploughs lone furrow in battle to improve rural livelihoods

George Mungai is an unlikely TV star. The softly spoken farmer and father of six lives in a tidy compound …

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