Series 13 - Ep 16: Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato

Series 13 - Ep 16: Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato

Welcome to Shamba Shape Up.

In this special episode of Shamba Shape Up, we look back at some of the best bits featuring Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP).

Sweet Potatoes, referred to as: Rabuon, mapuoni, makwasi, ngwacii by different communities come in a range of skin and flesh colours. Different flesh colours include, white, yellow, purple and Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes, which are becoming more and more popular in Kenya, partly due to their nutritional benefits.

In this episode we learn:

  1. How to plant and harvest Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato.
  2. Importance and nutrition benefits of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato.
  3. How to get best price at the market.
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Show times


Sunday 1:30 pm (Swahili)
Saturday 1:30 pm (English)

on Citizen TV Kenya